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Saturday, 15 April 2017

SourceTree Blog

In Today blog i will teach you guys how to install and use SourceTree. Below given steps you have to follow to setup project structure.
  • Once you double clicked on Source Tree Setup one prompt window will appear as given below in the screenshot accept the licence agreement and click on continue button.


  • In the next window it will ask for Atlassian account if you don't have account If you are new user click on Go to My Atlassian and create an account.

  • If you have account click on 'Use an existing account' to login.
  • Once Registration complete/ Login successful Registration Completed window will appear then click on Continue button to completed installation of SourceTree. 
  • Once installation complete click on Skip Setup as given in the below screenshot.
  • Below given window will appear.

  • Before adding project into SourceTree Go to Tools> Options- select below given check box as given in the below given screenshot.
  • To create a repository click on Clone/New button one prompt window will appear in the Source Path/ URL given your project url and in the Destination Path given you repository location then click on clone button. 
  • Once all the files are pulled successfully below given screenshot will appear then click on close button.
  • Once you clicked on close button your local repository created successfully and below given screenshot will appear.

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