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Saturday, 15 April 2017

How to use InteliJ

Hi Guys in today blog i will teach you how to import project in InteliJ.
  • Once you install InteliJ on your system click on InteliJ icon below given window will appear.
First Image

  • Click on Import Project and give path where you have created local repository using SourceTree.
    Second Image
  • In my case i have imported maven project you can select appropriate and click on next button see blow given screenshot.  
Third Image

  • One the next window click on Environment Setting and set a path for Maven Home Directory, Setting.xml file path and Local Directory Path then click on next button even in the next window click on next button.

Fourth Image

  • In this step click on + sign to add JDK path as given in the below screenshot project imported successfully.
Fifth image

  • Once import completed in the menu bar Go to File > Setting > Version Control > Git given git.exe path available on your system and click on Test once git.exe executed successfully you can use InteliJ.
Six Image

  • If you have followed above given steps then you InteliJ will look like below given screenshot Terminal can be used to run the command in the Version Control you will get your local changes even you can pull the latest code from Repository  To pull the latest changes Right Click > Git > Repository > Pull.
Seventh image

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