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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Java- Java Tutorial

Java Introducation-
Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems which was initiated by James Gosling and released in 1995. Originally known as oak,  The goal of the Java programming language was to make it so that a developer who programmed on one computer could run his/her code on another machine.
Java is an Object-Oriented, Platform Independent, Simple, Secure, Portable, Multithreaded and Dynamic  programming language.
  • Object-Oriented – In Java everything is object.
  • Platerform Independent – Java is plateform independent or we can machine independent, Once the byte is generated, it will be executeable in any machine.
  • Simple – Java is design to be easy to learn. Once you understand the oop’s concept you can start programming in java.
  • Secure -With Java’s secure feature it enables to develop virus-free, tamper-free systems. Authentication techniques are based on public-key encryption.
  • Portable – Compiler in Java is written in ANSI C with a clean portability boundary, which is a POSIX subset.
  • Multithreaded – With Java’s multithreaded feature it is possible to write programs that can perform many tasks simultaneously.
  • Dynamic -Java programs can carry extensive amount of run-time information that can be used to verify and resolve accesses to objects on run-time.

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